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About Us
We are Hedgehog Lover. We are located at Hamilton, ON, Canada.
We choose health and good personality hedgehogs to mate. We try to breed healthy and cute hedgehog babies. We guarantee that  we will not breed between two related hedgehogs and over breed for hedgehog mom.
The first breed for hedgehog mom will be after six months after her born, and limited two times a year.

We wish all the hedgehog we breed are healthy, cute and can have a happy home after they leave us 
Our beautiful Reverse Pinto Girl. Bon on June 15, 2016. Really active and super fast.
Our beautiful girl. Born in Sept 13. 2015, has currently become the mom for five babies.
Our cute girl, really shy and lazy. Born on July  31. Too lazy to run wheel and always sleeping.
Out fat boy, really shy and timid. Born in January, 2015. One year now with 517g, hobby is sleeping.
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