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The following list shows some FAQ about hedgehogs
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    What do I need for the hedgehog?
    Hedgehogs are friendly and cute animal. To have hedgehogs, you should have a cage. It can be a small animal cage, a hedgehog cage or a storage box. Just need to make sure, the height of cage is larger than 40cm, otherwise they will escape. In addition, bedding, water bottle, food plate are required. Wheels, toys are optional.
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    What does the hedgehog eat?
    In wild environment, hedgehog eats almost anything. However, it does not mean you should give them anything. The best option is the cat food, there are a lot of choices on the market.
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    Can I have two or more hedgehogs in the same cage?
    First you need to know, hedgehogs are living alone animals. They only stay together during the breeding. Therefore, always prepare one cage for one hedgehogs. Please notice, two male hedgehogs will always fight when they are together.
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    How often does hedgehog take shower>
    Typically 1-2 weeks, you can use shampoo for small animals(Prefer) or liquid soaps. And you only need to use soft teeth brush to help hedgehog to take the shower.