Something About Hedgehog
There is something you need to know about hedgehogs before you purchase one:
               1. This is the African Hedgehog, which is native to Africa. They need to have warm environment to live. Under a temperature of 15 degree, they might prepare to winter sleep. So make sure don't put them at outside in the winter.
               2. They always living alone, the only time they stay together is during the breeding. Two male hedgehogs will always fight when they are together. Therefore, Do not put them and let them stay together if you think they are lonely. 
               3. In the wild environment, the hedgehog can only live for 2 years. As the pet, hedgehogs can live to 6 years under friendly and healthy care.
               4. Generally hedgehogs eat almost everything. However, under the healthy consideration, cat food is what they should have. This is healthy and enough for the hedgehogs.
              5. Preparing a  cage, water bottle, food plate, bedding, washroom and food, before getting the hedgehog

If you have more questions about the hedgehog:

Q/A for Hedgehog
We wish all hedgehogs are happy, healthy and cute.